作为新托福写作考试的第2部分,独立写作要求考生在30分钟内完成一篇字数在300字左右的议论文。而根据对ETS最新的评分标准的解读,我们发现阅卷者评判考生的文章遵循的原则是:“Readers should focus on what the examinee does well.”。这就意味着整个评分过程是考察考生表现出优点的过程,而并非对考生的文章吹毛求疵的过程。因此,即使是一篇满分的文章,也是允许考生有少量的错误。在本章中,上外雅思托福考试培训中心写作组的专家将就独立写作部分的评分原则进行深入的分析。
  对于独立写作的字数要求,官方的说法是:“An effective response is typically about 300 words long. If you write fewer than 300 words,you may still receive a top score,but experience has shown that shorter responses typically do not demonstrate the development of ideas needed to earn a score of 5.”。可见,若想得到高分,考生最好能将文章写到300字以上,虽然有些文章字数不足但仍可得到满分,但是毕竟这种情况比较罕见,要充分对于考题展开论述,从而有利地支持文章观点,充足的字数是必须的。
  Some people say that advertising encourage us to buy things we really do not need. Others say that advertisements tell us about new products that may improve our lives. Yes,it is. I buyed much,because TV ads.
  The importance of the issue raised by the posed statement,namely creating a new holiday for people,can not be underestimated as it concerns the very fabric of society. As it stands,the issue of creating a new holiday raises profound implications for the future. However,although the subject matter in general can not be dismissed lightheartedly,the perspective of the issue as presented by the statement raises certain qualms regarding practical application.
  In any relationship of mine,I would wish that first of all,the person I am dealing with is honest. Even though he/she thinks that he/she did something wrong that I wouldn’t like,he/she’d better tell me the truth and not lie about it. Later on if I find out about a lie or hear the truth from someone else,that’d be much more unpleasant. In that case how can I ever believe or trust that person again? How can I ever believe that this person has enough confidence in me to forgive him/her and carry on with the relationship from there. So if I cannot trust a person anymore,if the person doesn’t think I can handle the truth,there is no point to continuing that relationship.
  The people lining up in the embassy are applying for a variety of visas. Some applicants want student visas. Other applicants want resident visas. The other applicants want tourist visas. Applying for resident visas is very difficult; one has to meet a lot of requirements. According to a recent survey,the largest number of applicants are applying for tourist visas. The number of people applying for student visas comes in second. Among all the applicants,only a fraction want resident visas.
  这段话的主题句显然是第一句,根据评分要求里对于段落一致性的要求,主题句后面的支持句都必须围绕“不同的人在大使馆里申请不同的签证”这个话题展开论述。仔细分析后我们发现上面这段话里多了一个不相干的句子:“Applying for resident visas is very difficult; one has to meet a lot of requirement.”,这句话虽然也在谈签证,但是它谈论的是“申请签证很困难”这个论点,这样的话和段落主题就不相同了。因此考生在写文章时,一定要做到一个段落只讲一个话题,主题句的论点必须贯穿这个段落,后面的每一个支持句都朝一个方向前进,只有这样才能写出条理分明的文章。
  Last month,I had a dispute with my parent. It started as a simple conversation that turned into an argument. I wanted to take a year off from school. Of course,my parents argued that I should stay in school. I tried to reason with them and I tried to persuade them that taking a year off from school and working would be valuable experience. My explanation fell on deaf ears,and they refused to let me continue the discussion. They felt I had not thoroughly examined the issue and saw no reason to debate the subject any longer.
  He is rich.
  He owns a large company and has an annual income of 20 million dollars.
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